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BusaTunes Premium
 4" speaker system -> $599

Pricing for the Busatunes package is the same whether you own a '99-'07 Hayabusa or a '08-'19and up Hayabusa and systems are available now. At peak order times, you can place a back order for your system, first come-first serve.

I know there are endless Ipod, MP3 and Satellite type music devices out there (phones, PDA's, Sirius/XM etc.) so check out http://www.koolmount.com/ for mounting your device. The KoolMount is compatible with TechMount and Ram Mount systems at a fraction of their price! Because of technological developments, music sources vary but Busatunes will work with ALL of them! 

The Busatunes system uses a standard 3.5mm earphone input  to adapt to nearly ALL music playing devices. The KoolMount is available for purchase at the Online Store for easy, 1-step mounting for your music playing devices...

4" Busatunes Premium system for $599 includes:

-> 1 Amplifier (150 watts)
 -> 1 Pair of Speakers* (135 watts) 
  -> 2 Hayabusa dash panels ('99-'07 or '08-'19) with mounts and power switch
  -> Wiring harness with quick connectors
   -> Installation instructions

*Note: Speakers are rated as waterproof and extremely resistant to wet conditions but direct running water exposure should be avoided
PLEASE E-mail me g@busatunes.com or call me at 888-MAD-BUSA if you have any questions or concerns. All special requests are considered.

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